If Your Answer is YES to the Questions Here, RTO is Your Best Alternative to Homeownership

  1. Do you need Time to Save for down payment?
  2. Are you a newcomer to the country?
  3. Do you need time to solve credit issues in satisfying your needs in real estates?
  4. Are you self-employed?
  5. Are you encountering mortgage payment challenges?
  6. Is the mortgage stress test stopping you?
  7. Do you need to move in to Your Home NOW?

Our Rent-to-Own Programs

RTO with Monthly Savings Plan (Recommended)

  • Down payment – 5% or $10,000 towards the purchase of the property
  • Tenor – 3 -5 Years
  • Monthly rent includes savings towards the down payments (by the end of 3-5years, Down payment already available for Mortgage finance)
  • Credit repair and mentoring services available
  • Debt settlement services available
  • Best established RTO in North America

RTO with Initial Monthly Option Plan (Suitable for those with Good Credit)

  • No Down payment is required
  • Tenant-Buyers to save for down payment during the tenancy period
  • Payment of initial option (right to purchase) is compulsory
  • Credit repair and mentoring services not available
  • Debt settlement services not available
  • Usually for a short term (2-3 years)
  • Future property price is agreed today

Do you want more information on the available programmes, complete the contact form and one of our RTO Specialists will contact you within 2 business days.