Rent-To-Own Home. New Way to Home-Ownership

Looking to Buy a Property or Do You Have Difficulty Selling Your Home? Try Rent-to-Own Program

What is Rent-To-Own (RTO)?

Rent-To-Own (RTO) is an alternative arrangement for owning a property without outrightly committing huge cash towards the property. As the name implies, the arrangement allows the tenant committing to rent the property for over a period of time (like 2-3 years) and later buy it outrightly from the property owner when he or she is in a better position to raise the necessary funding.

Parties to RTO

Every Rent-To-Own usually comprises of the person who wants to rent a property now and later own it, (called Tenant-Buyer), the Home-Owner (Called, Property Owner), Real Estate Investor (Could be a Real Estate Broker or Agent, or an individual interested in real estate as an investment etc) and a Mortgage Lender.

As a Tenant-Buyer, Ask Yourself

* Do you need time to solve your credit issues in satisfying your needs in real estate?

* Do you need time to save Down payment?

* Are you a newcomer to Canada?

* Are you self-employed?

* Are you encountering mortgage challenge?

* Is the Mortgage Stress Test stopping you?

* Do You Need To Move In Your Home NOW!!!

As a Property Owner, Ask Yourself

* Do you need a home as an investment?

* Are you been dragged down by personal issues relating to real estate?

* Are you bothered about realtors cost of selling?

* Do you even want to relocate?

* Are you scared of negative cash flow?

* Do you find it difficult to cope with uncertainties in the property and mortgage markets?

Do You Want to Learn more about  RTO? 

Visit our Blog, Send us an email or contact a Real Estate Investor

Try RTO Home Web

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* Post on Opportunity Board for FREE

* Message Tenant-Buyer, Property Owners, Real Estate Investor and Mortgage Lenders for FREE

*FREE and DIRECT access to over 400+ Lenders

* Buy or Sell Your property without paying a brokerage fee 

Connect with Real Estate Investors on our platform and they will support you in your journey to owning a home




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