There is Always Something for You!

Do you want to be a Homeowner? There is always something for you!!!

There is always something for you in Rent-To-Own Program either you have no down payment or not so good  credit.

RTO is one of the most established and flexible homeownership program that has something for everyone. The program comes in different shapes and sizes, thereby allowing a bigger room for flexibility when compared to conventional way of owning a home.

Summary of the two available plans are described below:

RTO with Monthly Savings Plan

  • Down payment – 5% or $10,000 towards the purchase of the property
  • Tenor – 3 -5 Years
  • Monthly rent includes savings towards the down payments (by the end of 3-5years, Down payment already available for Mortgage finance)
  • Credit repair and mentoring services available
  • Debt settlement services available
  • No initial or monthly option
  • Best established RTO in North America

RTO with Initial Monthly Option Plan

  • No Down payment is required
  • Tenant-Buyers to save for down payment during the tenancy period
  • Payment of initial option (right to purchase) is compulsory
  • Suitable for those with good credit but no down payment
  • Credit repair and mentoring services not available
  • Debt settlement services not available
  • Usually for a short term (2-3 years)
  • Future property price is agreed today

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